Delf Sand Mine

The Delf Sand Mine specializes in the mining and beneficiation of an alluvial sand deposit located at Donkerhoek near Cullinan. The alluvial deposit is opencast mined for its high silica content (SiO2 greater than 96%). A by-product of the opencast mining is the recovery of a high quality plaster sand which is supplied into the local construction industry.

The mine is a leading supplier of washed, screened, graded and dried high content silica sand to the following Southern African industries.

  • Foundry
  • Tile adhesive manufactures
  • Golf courses and recreational markets.
  • Local construction industry

The mine has become well known in the industry for consistently producing graded dry high quality silica sand.

The operation has a well fitted laboratory that ensures that quality is consistently maintained and provides the customer with confidence that the product he is obtaining has received the required attention.

A majority of the clients have limited storage capacity resulting in fluctuations in demand for sand due to the client’s production cycle. In order to provide flexibility and to minimise transport costs, the mine has invested in a horse and tanker fleet to convey the dry product. The fleet has been established for a number of years and has a strict replacement programme in place.

The mine has developed its own method of grading the sand using an in-house designed jetsizer. The jetsizer is adjusted to meet the required AFS grading for the particular industry. The second key component is the drying process. The mine has 4 dryers of various sizes installed, creating a drying capacity in excess of 300 000 tons per annum. The complete beneficiation process has a capacity of 430 000 tons per annum.

As an extension of the Delf Sand Mine operation, the Pienaarspoort silica quartz mine is being analysed. The deposit has been drilled and quantified and the mining license has been granted. Currently a bulk sample is being mined, with controlled beneficiation to be conducted prior to finalisation of the plant design.

  • 1. Delf Sand Aerial
  • 2. Delf scrubber feed
  • 3. Delf scrubber
  • 4. Delf wet conveyors
  • 5. Delf Product 1
  • 6. Delf Product 2 Wet store
  • 7. Delf Sand Fleet

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