Pienaarspoort Property Development


Infrasors, through its wholly owned subsidiary Delf Sand (Proprietary) Limited (“Delf”), is the owner of Portion 55 of the Farm Pienaarspoort 339 JR (“P.55”) measuring in the extent of some 501 hectares (“the property”).

Delf historically mined alluvial silica on the property and has explored and established the mining area for the proposed Pienaarspoort Silica Quartz crushing operation in the north eastern portion of the property.

Consequently, with effect from the 1st of November 2009, this portion of land was transferred from PPE land used for mining purposes to investment development land before reclassification.

Town and Regional planners, Hunter Theron Inc were commissioned to explore the feasibility of a township. They initially conducted a desktop study and have subsequently developed a framework plan as part of Phase II.

The overall township establishment process consists of three consecutive phases, these being:

Phase I - Assessment phase;

Phase II - Preparation of the township development framework plan; and

Phase III - Township establishment process.


Phase I and II have been completed and the consolidated findings of the town planner, together with the sub-consultants (land surveyors, conveyances, geologists, electrical engineer, civil engineer, traffic engineer and environmentalist) are summarised below:

P.55 consists of 501 hectares of which 163 hectares have development potential. The potential of the site according to the Phase II study is as follows:


Development Area

- Developable area: 163 ha

- Roads 36 ha

- Remainder: 127 ha


Development Split

- Residential 78%: 98.7 ha

- Alternative uses 22%: 28.4 ha


Residential Potential

- Freehold erven: 2 100 erven

- Medium density: 1303 units

- High density: 1 093 units

Total Potential: 4 496 unit erven


Alternative uses / Potential

- Business / Commercial / Offices / Industrial - 10 ha

- Community facilities - 18 ha


Total development potential equals 61 920 m² developable floor area.