Lyttelton Centurion Mine

The mine has been in operation since 1936, initially developed to supply metallurgical grade dolomite for iron and steel plants. Today the mine has increased its product line to include all sizes of construction dolomite required for the construction market and a milling operation that supplies powders into the coal and agricultural markets.


The dolomite deposit is divided into two distinct layers sloping at 15 to 20 degrees eastwards - the upper formation yielding an aggregate with less than 3% silica content (SiO2) and the lower being a chert-rich formation with a silica content greater than 3%.


Current life of the mine is in excess of 30 years. The pit has a length of 1300m and will eventually have a width of approximately 350 metres. Current depth of the mine is 80 metres.


The mine is situated in the suburb of Lyttelton in Centurion, between Botha Avenue and the main railway linking Pretoria and Kempton Park. A large percentage of the metallurgical product is loaded using its own wagon loading facility for delivery by rail to Middelburg.


The mine is ideally placed to serve the local Gauteng construction market with a superior concrete aggregate from 19mm stone down to a super sand which is strictly washed and grade controlled.


Flexibility has been created in the overall beneficiation plant with the introduction of satellite crushing, washing and screening plants having been established over the past period. The plant in its current configuration is able to produce 1.6 million tons of saleable product per annum.


The milling facility grinds the low silica content material down to a powder which in the main is used in the stone dusting operation in the underground coal mines for the prevention of coal dust explosions.


The beneficiation plant also has a bagging plant for the powders to cater for those clients who prefer to receive the product in 25kg bags.


Due to the mine’s close proximity to urban areas, an environmental committee has been successfully in operating with the objective of bringing all role players in the area together in order to monitor (on behalf of the residents and local commerce), the mine development and environmental management measures.

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  • 7. Centurion primary crusher
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