Health & Safety

The group strategy with regards to Health and Safety is to ensure all our people are empowered to be a part of the group's Zero Harm campaign and to ensure they have the right to work in a healthy safe environment. The group mandates its mines to make available resources in order to achieve its health and safety, targets and goals. We believe that with positive attitudes towards health and safety, all can enjoy a harm-free healthy way of life.

To ensure a sustainable commitment from all, the group shall:

  • inspire and train employees to accept and practise Health and Safety as a way of life;
  • maintain a work environment that will promote employee health and safety to achieve Zero Harm;
  • evaluate risks to endeavour to prevent incidents that could lead to injury of employees, sub-contractors, vendors or suppliers, as well as damage or loss of plant, equipment and property.


Current Health and Safety statistics indicate we are on the right road to achieving Zero Harm.