Infrasors Holdings Limited (“Infrasors”) is committed to the transformation of the South African economy through BEE and has embraced the principles of the Broad-Based Socio-Economic Charter for the South African Mining Industry (“the Mining Charter”).

Transformation, as envisaged by the Mining Charter, is a imperative for mining companies active in the South African mining sector. They are required to convert their mineral rights from so-called “old order” to “new order” if they wish to mine on the properties concerned.

Lyttelton Dolomite submitted the applications for the new order licence conversions on behalf of both the Lyttelton Centurion and Marble Hall mines prior to the DMR deadline in May 2009 and await the finalisation of the new order mining right conversions.

The DMR granted Lyttelton Dolomite Centurion Mine their new order mining rights in August 2012 in respect of their metallurgical dolomite deposits.

The DMR granted the Lyttelton Dolomite - Marble Hall mine prospecting right in September 2012.

The DMR granted Delf Sand mine their new order mining rights in July 2009 in respect of their alluvial silica deposits.

The DMR granted and executed the Pienaarspoort silica quartz mine a new order mining right on 15 April 2010.

The DMR granted and executed the Delf Cullinan alluvial silica small scale mining permit on 15 April 2010.

The DMR authorised Delf Cullinan to bulk sample alluvial silica on the 5th March 2013.

The DMR granted the Delf Silica Coastal mine right in February 2013.

Transformation Committee

Infrasors has established a Transformation Committee as a sub-committee of its Board.

The objectives of this Committee are to:

  • Develop policies and guidelines for the management of transformation, human resources and communication issues, including procurement, employment equity, human resource development and retention, social development, health, safety and environment in the workplace; and to ensure the progressive implementation of these throughout the Group.
  • Provide a forum for discussing transformation issues and for presenting key findings to the Board from the ongoing monitoring and reporting process.
  • Develop, implement, monitor and review the Group’s progress in terms of transformation and compliance with the Mining Charter and the MPRDA.
  • Ensure there is a disciplined and co-ordinated approach to all transformation and social issues within the Group.